Special Effects make-up

When it comes to SFX, I specialise in everything that is fantastical. I love to create the weirdly beautiful, or the beautifully weird. Elves, Wizards, Aliens; all are right up my alley.

I am available to create characters and creatures. I am skilled to sculpt my own applications and prosthetics. Furthermore I am available for different types of wounds, scars and other injuries, ageing effects & more.

I am skilled for film, tv & theatre.

make-up artist

When it comes to Make-Up, I specialise in Fashion & Beauty. I love to create original & unique looks; the more colourful, the better.

I am available for everything from fashion forward high end looks to 'no-make-up' looks and anything in between.

I am skilled for both film, photography, & tv.

Private lessons

Are you looking to learn a thing or 2 about make-up? Want to learn how to apply a simple every day look? Or maybe learn how to make your own scary wounds for Halloween? All this and everything inbetween can be taught- by me!


Simply find the button below and let me know what it is you'd like to learn. Together we can find a fitting date and time for your schedule.


You can also choose to learn together with a friend or family member! Maximum up to 5 people per session.